the normal & lonely

Makati, Philippines — Lee Minho rests between shots.
Pasay, Philippines — Backstage at a K-Pop concert. Some dude from EXO.  I believe his name is Ruhan.
Pasay City, Philippines — #소녀샤대 #sonyeoshidae #girlsgeneration

It isn’t good

New York, NY — Sarah x Kaya x Nick St James.  Check out Sarah Meier Albano and her daughter Kaya’s first tandem photoshoot.  Shot in Central Park in some cold ass weather!

New York, NY — Sneak Preview: Sarah Meier x Kaya Albano x Nick St James x NYC
Manila, Philippines — They wrote about me in this month’s STATUS magazine.  The photography issue!  Check them out.
Randolph, NJ — The game is afoot.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — One of my favorite concerts of all time.  The Format at the Trocadero.  Nate Reuss with his Heaven sweatshirt, years before he created the band fun. 
Fort Bonifacio, Philippines — A girl.
Fort Bonifacio, Philippines — DJ Craze Outtake
Fort Bonifacio, Philippines — Halloween 2007. A rabbit says sush.
Quezon City, Philippines - Divine Lee at work.
Dover, New Jersey - My sister and her husbands prenuptial shoot.  I don’t normally do this stuff, but for family I don’t mind. :)
Seoul, South Korea — Gyrodrop makes your balls drop.