the normal & lonely

Greenhills, Philippines — Big Boy and the Fresh Crew, circa 2008.
Greenhills, Philippines — What models really act like during shoots.
Seoul, South Korea — My cousin Cas at the Noryangjin Fish Market.  Just minutes before we ate live Sanakji (aka Live Common Octopus).
Los Angeles, CA — A behind the scenes shot from a commercial I shot with Bruno Mars.
Camarines Sur, Philippines — A public pool that opens up only a few hours a day when the kids of the village are good.  The second the gates open, everyone jumps in.  No need to change clothes.
Seoul, South Korea — My girlfriend on the roof of a department store.
HARRISBURG, PA — Toothpaste.  Gettin’ it on!
Harrisburg, PA — Darkness looms… over a Target parking lot.

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Taguig, Philippines — I like bringing old friends together.
Makati, Philippines — The best picture of a best friend.
Manila, Philippines — While waiting on set, people tend to get hungry.  Someone needs to feed Manny.
Randolph, NJ — Extreme napkining at McDonald’s.
Harrisburg, PA — You’re just jealous cause we’re young and in love.
Makati, Philippines — Rain is the biggest pop star in Asia.